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Only Hibiscus Tea is just that. Only Hibiscus. Nothing added. It makes a refreshing, sweet & tart drink, packed full with Vitamin C, high in antioxidants and supportive to the liver and immune system. What is better than drinking what is natural?!

The good thing about Hibiscus Tea or Sorrel Tea as it's also known, is that it can be cooled and consumed as a cold beverage. It's even more delightful with additional fruits & spices such as lemons and cinnamon. Truly delicious and healthy for the whole family.


Our tea bags are unbleached and biodegradable.



Contents: 15 fruity teabags (45g total pack) which make a beautiful rich cup of tea.


Ingredients: Hibiscus Sabdariffa Dried Calyces (Organic).


ADVISORY INFORMATION: Hibiscus is NOT recommended for those who are pregnant or for those who are taking blood thinning medication, anti inflammatory drugs or those who take medication for hypertension or low blood pressure.


*Although none of our ingredients are known allergens themselves, we use ingredients from suppliers who also pack other allergens on their premises such as soya, nuts, sesame & wheat.

Only Hibiscus / Sorrel

SKU: 0008
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