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fresh roasted rwanda coffee beans


Why we at Cafe Roots do what we do...


Did you know that Africa is considered to be the place where coffee first originated from?
Well yes, it's true! That's why we at Cafe Roots want to pay homage to the birthplace of coffee. With our blends we use Single Origin Coffee beans, mainly from Ethiopia and Rwanda. We wanted to create something unique and we did. Our blends, we add 100% real exotic spices native to Africa and of high quality. We wanted to bring them both together, quality coffee beans and exotic flavours. You usually find flavoured coffee that's artificially tainted, low quality, poorly roasted & we'd all probably agree is not so good. 
We want coffee good & real so we keep it real. Good & pure. Our teas too. Great combinations of healthy beneficial tea leaves, herbs & spices for your well being. We also have for you some admirable single origin coffee roasts which are from different regions of the world. In addition, we offer to you some healthy culinary products likewise, from various parts of the world.

We at Cafe Roots hope you enjoy what we have & benefit from our store. We're confident you will.



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