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Using the moka pot gives you a stronger brew.

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Firstly, add your water to the bottom chamber. Cold/room temperature water can be used or boiled kettle water. Either method does not make a significant difference to your finished cup as long as you don't over boil your coffee. Be sure to only fill with water just below the safety valve.

Next, fill the funnel with your ground coffee ensuring that you do not pack it down tightly. Fill it loosely & simply swipe off the excess with your finger, allowing a top flat surface which is not tightly stuffed. Place the funnel inside the bottom chamber.

Now place on the upper chamber of the moka pot & screw it on firmly but do not over tighten it.

Next, place your moka pot on the stove. Most moka pots can be used with gas, electric or ceramic stoves. However, an induction stove may not allow use, unless you have a compatible moka pot. Leave it on mid heat with the lid open & be careful not to heat the handle.

Leave it to brew until the coffee begins to come out of the top & you see it getting lighter in colour. (This takes around 4/5 mins).

Then close the lid & remove it aside from the heat. Switch off heat. Pour it in your prepared cup & enjoy!


Simple & easy to use. These make a good cup of coffee & can be found most supermarkets.

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Spoon your ground coffee into the beaker/jug of the French Press. The amount you need to put in will depend on your French Press' size & how you prefer your brew, i.e, medium, strong. Pour on and fill the press with fresh boiled water.

french press ground coffee by cafe roots UK

Next, give the brew a quick stir & place on the plunger/lid but do not push the plunger down. Leave it to brew for a short while (approx 4/5 mins).

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Finally, gently push down the plunger until it reaches the bottom of the French Press. You are now ready to pour your coffee into your prepared cup.

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