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White Sage was an important healthy herb for some of the native American tribes.
Said to be good for the central nervous system, colds and reducing inflammation.
Sage is also used by women to help control hot flushes and reducing sweating during the menopause.


Cafe Roots have enhanced this Sage Tea with added Black Lime and ground Ginger making it a very pleasant cup to help you relax. Limes are a good source of antioxidants & Ginger has many health benefits too.


Our tea bags are unbleached and biodegradable.

Contents: 15 herbal tea bags (30g total pack).

Ingredients: White Sage, Black Lime & Ground Ginger. 


ADVISORY INFO: Sage is NOT suitable for consuming whilst lactating as it can reduce the milk supply. It should not be consumed whilst pregnant also. It is also best not to consume whilst on any hormone therapy medication or if one suffers with heavy menstruation as it can stimulate the blood flow. Sage is NOT recommended for those who are epileptic. 


*Although none of our ingredients are known allergens themselves, we use ingredients from suppliers who also pack other allergens on their premises such as soya, nuts, sesame & wheat.



White Sage Tea with Black Lime & Ginger

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