Uhuru "Freedom" Blend is for the serious aficionado. Take your coffee journey to the next level. In our Uhuru Blend, we use only fresh roasted Arabica beans along with a culinary regular in the French kitchen, namely the Tonka Bean. This little bean adds its 'vanilla like' & distinctly fruity spicy element. Then we topped it off adding an uplifting warmth of Guinea Pepper (non fiery), a related spice to ginger and cardamom. This intensely aromatic coffee will wake up your taste buds.


Contents: 150g of ground spiced coffee.


Ingredients: Arabica Ground Coffee Beans, Tonka Bean & Guinea Pepper.


*Although none of our ingredients are known allergens themselves, we use ingredients from suppliers who also pack other allergens on their premises such as soya, nuts, sesame & wheat.


Uhuru Blend

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