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Loose spiced Herbal Masala tea. Fresh aromatic warm drink. Naturally Delicious!


Wind down & warm up with Cafe Roots ORGANIC ROOIBOS MASALA Chai Tea.

We use quality Organic Rooibos dried leaves along with our pick of delicious supreme spices. Ceylon Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, Black Pepper & Pimento (All Spice).

Deliciously handcrafted for you. Cafe Roots brings only the best & most pleasurable combination of teas. Our Masala Chai is amongst them with a kick of spice. It's also good to know that our selected spices are known for each of their beneficial qualities so be assured that we have your good health at mind.

No preservatives added, chemicals or flavourings. Just pure natural spices & organic tea leaves. It's caffeine free too & Rooibos doesn't steal your iron. Rather it gives a little.

Contents: Each pack contains 100g of Chai Tea.

This tea is loose so a seive is required. You may use your own disposable tea filters however, we recommend a sieve for maximum flavour & the capture of more spice in your cup.

ROOIBOS CHAI TEA Organic. 100g

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