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Roses contain antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.
They are also rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. There are many health benefits that can be found on the internet and in literature which praise the goodness of what can be obtained from the rose flower.

Roses combined with Hibiscus (or Sorrel, Karkade, Roselle or Bissap as it's also known as), our tea makes a good source of obtaining Vitamin C and other good health benefits.

Rose Petals also make a fragrant, floral and flavoursome beverage. Hibiscus too. Tart and sweet. This tea is also caffeine free.

Hibiscus is a good natural source of Vitamin C & antioxidants. Hibiscus can effectively be used to help lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, increase appetite, support the liver & boost the immune system. 


Our tea bags are unbleached and biodegradable.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Hibiscus Sabdariffa Calyces & Rose Petals. Nothing else.


CONTENTS: 15 Floral & fruity tart tea bags (52.5g total pack).


ADVISORY INFORMATION: Hibiscus is NOT recommended for those who are pregnant or for those who are taking blood thinning medication, anti inflammatory drugs or those who take medication for hypertension or low blood pressure.


*Although none of our ingredients are known allergens themselves, we use ingredients from suppliers who also pack other allergens on their premises such as soya, nuts, sesame & wheat.

Hibiscus (Sorrel) Rose Petal Tea

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