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Cosy down and warm up to Cafe Roots Golden Milk - Cardamom.
A healthy, delicious and ready mixed spice.
Drinking Turmeric milk is an excellent & easy way of getting this super spice within you.
Turmeric is a notable spice. It may help those with inflammatory ailments and those with conditions such as arthritis and diabetes as this spice is well known for its anti inflammatory properties. Research does suggest that it may help support blood sugar levels (see online literature).
Turmeric is also a natural antioxidant. Its active compound Curcumin, although not a massive amount, increases its bioavailabilty with other added components such as piperine which is found in black pepper.This is why we also include black pepper in our Golden Milk ingredients.
Cafe Roots have also added that great aromatic spice, Cardamom. Cardamom too has antioxidant and diuretic properties. It's a delight on the tongue, beautifully fragrant and makes your Golden Milk more delicious...and we don't stop there. Our mix contains ground Bourbon Vanilla. Never essence. Purely ground pods.
Get yourself indulged with the best of natural ingredients. Improve your health, your well being & feel good with Cafe Roots Golden Milk Spice Mix. It's delicious.
Preparation: Simply mix a full teaspoon with your chosen milk type (about 250ml). You can also dilute with added water for those who like it a little less rich. Place on the stove for approx 3-4 mins. Give it a whisk now and then or mix until hot. Do not boil. Pour into your mug & add sweetener if you prefer. We recommend a good honey or maple syrup. Yum!
You can also add a teaspoon of coconut oil which is good fat (organic we recommend) to further enrich your beverage. So enjoyable & good!
Ingredients: Organic Turmeric, Ground Cardamom Seeds, Black Pepper & Ground Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla.
Contents: 100g total content of Golden Milk Spice Mix. Approx 15 servings of ready mixed Golden Spice for all milk types (dairy, nut milks and oat milks).

GOLDEN MILK SPICE - Organic Turmeric & Cardamom 100g

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