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We at Cafe Roots believe that we need to be in control of our own health. That's why it's a must to include this very extraordinary herb, Chamomile!

Chamomile is known for reducing inflammation and is used for conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease and menstrual cramps.

Studies have shown that drinking Chamomile Tea can help to significantly improve sleep quality and relieve stress.

Chamomile Tea is generally safe for children and lactating women. 

This Chamomile tea gives you a sweet, floral & delicate taste with a very nice slight toffee hint. Very pleasant with a spoon of raw honey. It's also caffeine free.

Ingredients: Pure Chamomile Flowers (Organic & ground). 
Nothing else added.


Contents: 15 herbal tea bags of great organic Chamomile (22.5g total content).


Chamomile interacts with some drugs. Do not consume Chamomile if you are taking blood thinning medication and do not consume if you are taking immunosuppressive medication for conditions such as Arthritis, Crohn's Diseases, Psoriasis & other conditions. Do not consume.


*Although none of our ingredients are known allergens themselves, we use ingredients from suppliers who also pack other allergens on their premises such as soya, nuts, sesame & wheat.

Chamomile Tea (Organic)

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