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These are super nutritious fruit seed chunks from the Baobab Fruit and they're as raw as they come. Known for their rich content of Vitamin C.
They also contain:
potassium and  B vitamins.

The dried fruit powder is coated around the seeds. These can be simply placed in the mouth and the fruit powder sucked until melted or just nibble around the seed.

They have a sour sweet sherbet taste. Quite nice.


Their other use is to make a highly nutritious Baobab juice. We recommend this method if giving to children as to avoid swallowing the inner seeds.


Soak the seeds in spring/ mineral water for a few hours or overnight. Once the dried fruit powder has softened and has been taken up in the water,  strain and add honey or a healthy sweetener. Some also make it with added milk or fruit juice.
*See recipes and methods online. 


Please note that these are chunks with seeds and not ready made pure ground powder.

Their origin is from Senegal, West Africa.


Contents: 50g of Fruit seed chunks. Approx 50-65 pieces. (Amount can vary due to different size of each chunk. However, you will receive 50g in weight). 

Comes in a resealable pouch bag.


BAOBAB FRUIT SEEDS - Raw Natural Unprocessed 50g

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